The band Art vs. Science recently confirmed on it’s Twitter page that “The Experiment”, upcoming new album is due for release on March 08, 2011 via Kobalt Records. In December 2010, the album was made available to pre-order on iTunes. "Magic Fountain" and "Finally See Our Way" were released as singles in 2010, prior to the album's release.

Complete track listing:

"Finally See Our Way"

"Take a Look at Your Face"

"A.I.M. Fire!"


"Magic Fountain"

"With Thoughts"

"Meteor (I Feel Fine)"

"Rain Dance"


"Heavy Night"


"Before You Came to This Place"

Australian iTunes bonus tracks:

"Finally See Our Way (Linus Loves remix)"

Video Art vs Science "Magic Fountain"

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on Jan 31, 2011

First look at upcoming new TV seriesThunderCats”, set for release in 2011 by Cartoon Network. The show will explain Lion-O's ascension to the Thunderan throne with a more original feel and darker style than the 80s'series. In early November 2010, former Lion-O voice actor Larry Kenney revealed that he would be playing the role of Lion-O and Tygra's father Claudius in the opening three-part episode of the new series.

Studio 4°C, which produced the Matrix "The Animatrix" and Batman: Gotham Knight anime movies will be handling the artwork and animations. Sam Register (Teen Titans, Ben 10) will be the executive producer and is joined by Michael Jelenic (Wonder Woman, Batman: The Brave and the Bold) and Ethan Spaulding (Avatar: The Last Airbender) as the producers for the series.

Below is the promotional poster from the 2011 London Toy Fair showing the redesigned Lion-O, Panthro, Cheetara and Tygra.

ThunderCats, 2011, new, screen, poster, tv, series

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on Jan 30, 2011

Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome is an upcoming TV series currently in development. The film is written by Glen A. Larson, the creator of Battlestar Galactica. The film stars Nico Cortez as William Adama.

Plot summery: Blood & Chrome is set during the First Cylon War, which takes place between the shows Caprica and Battlestar Galactica and the end of which was depicted in the 2007 webisode series, Razor Flashbacks. The main character will be William Adama, and one other character from Razor Flashbacks will also feature. The rest of the characters will be new.

Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome takes place in the 10th year of the first Cylon war. As the battle between humans and their creation, a sentient robotic race, rages across the 12 colonial worlds, a brash rookie viper pilot enters the fray. Ensign William Adama, barely in his 20s and a recent Academy graduate, finds himself assigned to the newest battlestar in the Colonial fleet… the Galactica. The talented but hot-headed risk-taker soon finds himself leading a dangerous top secret mission that, if successful, will turn the tide of the decade long war in favor of the desperate fleet.

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on Jan 29, 2011

!Women Art Revolution is a documentary film directed by Lynn Hershman-Leeson, Release date in the USA to be announced later.

Plot summery: For over forty years, Director Lynn Hershman Leeson has collected hundreds of hours of interviews with visionary artists, historians, curators and critics who shaped the beliefs and values of the Feminist Art Movement and reveal previously undocumented strategies used to politicize female artists and integrate women into art structures.

!Women Art Revolution elaborates the relationship of the Feminist Art Movement to the 1960s anti-war and civil rights movements and explains how historical events, such as the all-male protest exhibition against the invasion of Cambodia, sparked the first of many feminist actions against major cultural institutions. The film details major developments in women’s art of the 1970s, including the first feminist art education programs, political organizations and protests, alternative art spaces such as the A.I.R. Gallery and Franklin Furnace in New York and the Los Angeles Women’s Building, publications such as Chrysalis and Heresies, and landmark exhibitions, performances, and installations of public art that changed the entire direction of art.

New ways of thinking about the complexities of gender, race, class, and sexuality evolved. The Guerrilla Girls emerged as the conscience of the art world and held academic institutions, galleries, and museums accountable for discrimination practices. Over time, the tenacity and courage of these pioneering women artists resulted in what many historians now feel is the most significant art movement of the late 20th century.

!Women Art Revolution Trailer

Women Art Revolution, poster

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Peep World is a comedy film written by Peter Himmelstein and directed by Barry W. Blaustein, and stars Michael C. Hall as Jack, Sarah Silverman as Cheri, Rainn Wilson as Joel, Ben Schwartz as Nathan, Judy Greer as Laura, Kate Mara as Meg, Taraji P. Henson as Mary, Ron Rifkin as Henry, Lesley Ann Warren, Troian Bellisario as P.A., Clark Coffey as Orderly, Rich Delia as Waiter, David Diaan as Hari, Raja Fenske as Rajeev and Dominic Flores as Salvador.

Plot summery: On the day of their Father's 70th birthday party, four siblings come to terms with the publication of a novel written by the youngest sibling, that exposes the family's most intimate secrets.

Peep World trailer

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on Jan 28, 2011

Kaboom is a comedy film, set for release in the USA on January 28, 2011. The film is directed and the screenplay is written by Gregg Araki and stars Haley Bennett, Thomas Dekker, James Duval, Andy Fischer-Price, Brandy Futch, Nicole LaLiberte, Natalie Alyn Lind, Kelly Lynch, Brennan Mejia, Carlo Mendez, Roxane Mesquida, Jason Olive, Juno Temple and Chris Zylka.

Plot summery: Smith’s everyday life in the dorms - hanging out with his arty, sarcastic best friend Stella, hooking up with a beautiful free spirit named London, lusting for his gorgeous but dim surfer roommate Thor - all gets turned upside-down after one fateful, terrifying night. Tripping on some hallucinogenic cookies he ate at a party, Smith is convinced he's witnessed the gruesome murder of an enigmatic Red Haired Girl who has been haunting his dreams. What he discovers as he tries to find out the truth leads him deeper and deeper into a mystery that will forever change not only the course of his young life but the destiny of the entire world.

Kaboom Movie Trailer

Kaboom, Movie, poster

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Black Heaven (Autre Monde) is a drama film, release date in the USA to be announced later. The film is written and directed by Gilles Marchand and stars Grégoire Leprince-Ringuet, Louise Bourgoin, Melvil Poupaud, Pauline Etienne, Pierre Niney, Ali Marhyar, Patrick Descamps, Pierre Vittet, Swann Arlaud, Francesco Merenda, Mohamed Diakite, Moon Dailly, Laurent Lacotte and Romain Ogerau.

Plot summery: A breakout selection of the midnight section of Cannes in 2010, BLACK HEAVEN is directed by an exciting new French filmmaker called Gilles Marchand. The story (featuring a terrifically sexy young cast) follows an innocent young kid, Gaspar (Grégoire Leprince-Ringuet of LOVE SONGS), who, becoming enamored with a mysterious/gorgeous girl (Louise Bourgoin, THE GIRL FROM MONACO), is lured into "Black Hole" - a dark, obscure video game world of avatars with deadly serious intentions in the real world.

Black Heaven movie trailer

Black Heaven, movie, poster

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on Jan 27, 2011

The Cat O'Nine Tails (Il gatto a nove code) is a 1971 crime horror film. The Blu-ray will be available on May 31, 2011. The film is directed and written by Dario Argento and stars James Franciscus, Karl Malden, Catherine Spaak, Pier Paolo Capponi, Horst Frank, Rada Rassimov, Aldo Reggiani, Carlo Alighiero, Vittorio Congia, Ugo Fangareggi, Tom Felleghy, Emilio Marchesini, Fulvio Mingozzi, Corrado Olmi and Pino Patti.

Plot summery: Franco Arno is a blind man that lives with his young niece and makes a living writing crossword puzzles. One night, while walking on the street, he overhears a weird conversation between two man sitting in a car parked in front of a medical institute where genetic experiments are performed. The same night someone breaks in the institute and kills a guard. Arno decides to investigate with the help of reporter Carlo Giordani.

The Cat O'Nine Tails Blu-ray will feature the following bonus materials:

- Tales Of The Cat – Interviews with Writer/Director Dario Argento, Co-Writer Dardano Sacchetti, and Composer Ennio Morricone

- Theatrical Trailers

- TV Spots

- Radio Spots

- Radio Interviews with Stars James Franciscus and Karl Malden

The Cat O'Nine, Blu-ray, cover, box, art

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Of Gods And Men is a drama film, set for release in the US on February 25, 2011. The film is written and directed by Xavier Beauvois.

Complete Cast: Lambert Wilson, Michael Lonsdale, Olivier Rabourdin, Philippe Laudenbach, Jacques Herlin, Loïc Pichon, Xavier Maly, Jean-Marie Frin, Abdelhafid Metalsi, Sabrina Ouazani, Abdellah Moundy, Olivier Perrier, Farid Larbi, Adel Bencherif and Benhaïssa Ahouari.

Plot Summery: Eight French Christian monks live in harmony with their Muslim brothers in a monastery perched in the mountains of North Africa in the 1990s. When a crew of foreign workers is massacred by an Islamic fundamentalist group, fear sweeps though the region. The army offers them protection, but the monks refuse. Should they leave?

Despite the growing menace in their midst, they slowly realize that they have no choice but to stay…come what may. This film is loosely based on the life of the Cistercian monks of Tibhirine in Algeria, from 1993 until their kidnapping in 1996.

Of Gods And Men movie trailer

Of Gods And Men, Movie, poster

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on Jan 26, 2011
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Here is the full track listing for the Talib Kweli’s new album Gutter Rainbows, which was digitally released today January 25, 2011 on Blacksmith Music / Javotti Media / 3D.

Complete Track Listing:

1. "After the Rain"

2. "Gutter Rainbows"

3. "So Low"

4. "Palookas" (featuring Sean Price)

5. "Mr. International" (featuring Nigel Hall)

6. "I'm on One"

7. "Wait for You" (featuring Kendra Ross)

8. "Ain't Waiting" (featuring Outasight)

9. "Cold Rain"

10. "Friends & Family"

11. "Tater Tot"

12. "How You Love Me" (featuring Blaq Toven)

13. "Uh Oh" (featuring Jean Grae)

14. "Self Savior" (featuring Chace Infinite)

Bonus tracks (iTunes deluxe edition)

15. "How You Love Me" (live from BK Bowl) (featuring Blaq Toven)

16. "Go Now" (featuring Iron Solomon and Jean Grae)

Talib Kweli "Gutter Rainbow"

Talib Kweli - "So Low"

Gutter Rainbows, Talib Kweli, album, cover, new

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The third installment of the Master Ninja series was scheduled to air as episode 624, but it was eventually replaced by Samson vs. the Vampire Women. Both episodes will be released on Mystery Science Theater 3000, Volume XX on March 8, 2011. The DVD will be available for the MSRP of $59.97.

The MST3K DVD will feature the following bonus materials:

- A New Introduction By Trace Beaulieu

- New Interview With Master Ninja Guest Star Bill McKinney

- Tom Servo Vs. Tom Servo 2010 Dragon*Con Panel

- Exploring The Look Of MST3K With Director Of Photography Jeff Stonehouse

- Mystery Science Theater Hour Wraps

- Original Trailers

- 4 Exclusive Mini-Posters By Artist Steve Vance

Mystery Science Theater 3000, MST3K, Vol. XX, DVD, movie, tv

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on Jan 25, 2011
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The Killing is an upcoming crime drama TV series created and produced by Veena Sud. The film is based on the Danish miniseries Forbrydelsen (The Crime), it is being produced by Fox Television Studios and executive produced by Fuse Entertainment. The series' first season, consisting of 13 hour-long episodes, is scheduled to premiere on the cable channel AMC on Sunday, April 3, 2011. The film stars Mireille Enos as Sarah Linden, Seth Isaac Johnson as Denny Larsen, Richard Harmon as Jasper Ames, Liam James as Jack, Eric Ladin as Jamie Wright, Kacey Rohl as Sterling Fitch, Gharrett Patrick Paon as Kris Echols, Colin Lawrence as Benjamin Abani.

Plot Summery: The film follows the police investigation of the murder of a young girl, tying together three interlocking stories as investigators chase a variety of leads.

The Killing video

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on Jan 24, 2011
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White Material is a 2009 film DVD and Blu-ray (The Criterion Collection) are set for release on April 12, 2011. The DVD will be available for the MSRP of $29.95, while the Blu-ray will run at the MSRP of $39.95.

The film is written and directed by Claire Denis and stars Isabelle Huppert as Maria, Christopher Lambert as André, her husband, Nicolas Duvauchelle as Manuel, their son, Isaach de Bankolé as "The Boxer", Adèle Ado as Lucie, Michel Subor as André's father, William Nadylam as Chérif, the mayor and David Gozlan as Hamudi.

Plot summery: Maria is a White farmer who runs (with her husband, his father, and their son) a failing coffee plantation in an unnamed African country in the present day. Civil war has broken out and rebel soldiers, many of them child soldiers, are advancing on the area. Rebels on the radio advocate attacks on emblems of colonialism. Maria's workers leave, but she refuses to abandon the plantation, and searches for men to finish harvesting of the coffee. As she and her family await the inevitable, the tensions in their personal relationships, and in their relations with the African community, become exposed. Maria puts the farm in even more danger when she looks after a wounded rebel officer known as 'The Boxer'.

Bonus materials:

- New digital transfer, supervised and approved by director Claire Denis and cinematographer Yves Cape (with DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack on the Blu-ray edition)

- New interviews with Denis and actors Isabelle Huppert and Isaach de Bankolé

- Short documentary by Denis on the film's premiere at the Écrans Noirs Film Festival 2010 in Cameroon

- Deleted scene

- Theatrical trailer

- New and improved English subtitle translation

- A booklet featuring a new essay by film writer Amy Taubin

White Material, dvd, blu-ray, cover

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on Jan 23, 2011

Brotherhood is a drama film written and directed by Will Canon and stars Trevor Morgan, Jon Foster, Lou Taylor Pucci, Arlen Escarpeta, Jesse Steccato, Jennifer Sipes, Luke Sexton, Chad Halbrook, Preston Vanderslice, Tyler Corie, Evan Gamble,Katherine VanderLinden, Jeff Gibbs, Jack O'Donnell and Matt Phillips.

Plot summery: College freshman Adam Buckley finds himself blindfolded in the back of a van dealing with the fact that he has to rob a convenience store as the final step of his initiation into the Sigma Zeta Chi fraternity. Minutes later he finds himself dealing with the fact that a fellow-pledge just got shot while doing it.

Frank, the senior fraternity brother in charge of the night’s events, is able to get the injured pledge out of the store alive, but the fraternity’s troubles are just beginning. Thinking they can get out of the situation without taking the pledge to a hospital, Frank decides the group will handle things themselves. But when every move is met with disaster, Adam must find it within himself to go against Frank and his new brothers in order to save his friend’s life.

Brotherhood - Movie Trailer

Brotherhood, Movie, poster

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Burning Palms is a comedy film written and directed by Christopher B. Landon and stars Zoe Saldana, Jamie Chung, Rosamund Pike, Lake Bell, Shannen Doherty, Paz Vega, Nick Stahl, Dylan McDermott, Robert Hoffman, Anson Mount, Colleen Camp, Emily Meade, Victor Webster, Kate Albrecht, Ross Thomas, Jon Polito and Adriana Barraza.

Plot Summery: Burning Palms is a dark comedy, interlacing multiple stories where no taboo is left unexplored. Framed as a graphic novel come to life, the film unfold in five popular neighborhoods of Los Angeles. Each story from the sandy beaches of Santa Monica, to the gated mansions of Holmby Hills, a motley crew of characters careens toward a hilarious and twisted fate in a movie unlike anything you've ever seen before.

Burning Palms movie trailer

Burning Palms, movie, poster

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on Jan 22, 2011

Skateland is a drama film written and directed by Anthony Burns and stars Ashley Greene, Shiloh Fernandez, Brett Cullen, Taylor Handley, A.J. Buckley, Melinda McGraw, Casey LaBow, James LeGros, Haley Ramm, D.W. Moffett, Ellen Hollman, Krystal Mayo, Heath Freeman, David Sullivan, James Hébert and Kent Jude Bernard.

Plot Summery: It’s 1983, and Skateland, the roller rink and local hangout of a small town, is becoming a fading memory of an earlier time, when disco and roller-skating were king. The party scene is getting stale, and 19-year-old Ritchie's romantic life is as cloudy as his future. He struggles to make sense of it all, and decisions do not come easily to the carefree young man. When tragedy strikes his friends and family, Ritchie must face the music—and make the biggest decision of his life.

Skateland trailer

Skateland, movie, poster

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on Jan 21, 2011

The Kennedys is an upcoming eight-hour Television miniseries directed by Jon Cassar, chronicling the lives of the famous Kennedy family and the tragedies they have suffered. The film stars Jake Beale as Joseph Kennedy Jr., Kristin Booth as Ethel Kennedy, Rachel Wilson as Michelle, Angela Besharah as Ann Gargan, Serge Houde as Sam Giancana, Chris Diamantopoulos as Frank Sinatra, Kristin Adams as Cynthia, Greg Kinnear as Jack Kennedy, Barry Pepper as Bobby Kennedy, Katie Holmes as Jackie Kennedy, Tom Wilkinson as Joe Kennedy Sr., John Boylan as Cardinal Cushi and Kevin B Hartley as Secret Service Agen. The film was to be shown on History Television in Canada and on History in the U.S. in 2011. In January 2011 it was announced that the mini-series would not be shown on the American History channel and that a new American broadcaster is being sought.

Plot summery: It tells the story of the most fabled political family in American history, told in a manner similar to The Godfather: a manipulative, egocentric father determined to live out his own ambitions through his sons, who in turn spent their lives dancing to his tune while at the same time trying to stand on their own. This is history through personality - the tangled relationships through which paint a picture of one of the most turbulent periods of the modern age. Viewers will be upstairs at the White House, not in the Cabinet Room. Through iconic events in history - the Bay of Pigs, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the civil rights struggle, the mob connection - viewers will learn about the lesser known, yet critical personal stories.

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on Jan 20, 2011

Blow Out is a 1981 crime thriller film, DVD and Blu-ray are set for release on April 26, 2011. The releases will contain bonus materials and extra features, and the DVD will be available for the MSRP of $29.95, while the Blu-ray will run at the MSRP of $39.95.

The Blow Out releases will feature the following bonus materials:

- New, restored digital transfer, supervised by director Brian De Palma (with DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack on the Blu-ray edition)

- New hour-long interview with De Palma, conducted by filmmaker Noah Baumbach

- New interview with star Nancy Allen

Blow Out, DVD, Blu-ray, box, art, screen - Cameraman Garrett Brown on the Steadicam shots featured in the film within the film

- Select on-set photos from photographer Louis Goldman

- Original theatrical trailer

- A booklet featuring an essay by critic Michael Sragow and Pauline Kael's original New Yorker review

- And more

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on Jan 19, 2011

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is a 1998 drama fantasy film, Blu-ray (The Criterion Collection) is set for release on April 26, 2011. It will contain bonus materials and extra features, and the Blu-ray will be available for the MSRP of $39.95.

Blu-ray will feature the following bonus materials:

- Digital transfer, approved by director Terry Gilliam (with a DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack and an optional 5.1 mix)

- Three audio commentaries: one with Gilliam, one with stars Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Toro and producer Laila Nabulsi, and one with author Hunter S. Thompson

- Deleted scenes, with optional commentary by Gilliam

- Selection of Thompson correspondence, read on camera by Depp

- Hunter Goes to Hollywood, a short documentary by filmmaker Wayne Ewing

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Blu-ray, Special Edition,cover - A look at the controversy over the screenwriting credit

- Profile of Oscar Zeta Acosta, the inspiration for Dr. Gonzo

- Collection of artwork by illustrator Ralph Steadman

- Audio excerpt from the 1996 spoken-word CD Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,
featuring filmmaker Jim Jarmusch and actor Maury Chaykin

- Fear and Loathing on the Road to Hollywood, a 1978 BBC documentary with Thompson and Steadman

- Storyboards, production designs, stills gallery, theatrical trailer, and TV spots

- A booklet featuring an essay by critic J. Hoberman and two pieces by Thompson

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Happy Endings is an upcoming comedy TV series created by David Caspe for the ABC network. The series is set to air on ABC as a midseason replacement.The premiere is scheduled for April 13, 2011 at 10:00 pm. The film stars Zachary Knighton as Dave, Elisha Cuthbert as Alex, Eliza Coupe as Jane, Adam Pally as Max, Casey Wilson as Penny, Damon Wayans Jr. as Brad, Stephen Guarino as Derrick and Travis Van Winkle as Bo.

Plot summery: Forget who gets to keep the ring—when a couple splits, the real question is, who gets to keep the friends? In this modern comedy, a couple's break-up will complicate all of their friends' lives and make everyone question their choices. When life throws you for a curve, hold on tight to the people you love. Every circle of friends has someone who's the gravitational center. For years, perfect couple Dave and Alex drew their friends in and held them together. Now that they've split, does this group have the stuff to stay together? Or do Max, Brad, Jane and Penny have to choose sides? Suddenly every event is a negotiation... like, who gets to go on the annual ski trip? There are a lot of big questions to be answered, but this group has been together so long, somehow, little by little, they'll figure out how to hold on, even though their center is split up. It helps that Dave and Alex have agreed to stay friends. But there will definitely be other complications down the road. This show isn't afraid to ask the embarrassing personal questions that inevitably arise in every long-term, close-knit group of friends.

Happy Endings promo video

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on Jan 18, 2011
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Friends with Benefits is a romantic comedy film created by Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber that will debut on NBC as a midseason replacement.

Full cast: Danneel Harris as Sara Maxwell, Ryan Hansen as Ben Lewis, Zach Cregger as Aaron Greenway, Andre Holland as Julian 'Fitz' Fitzgerald, Jessica Lucas as Riley Elliott, Patrick Heusinger as Austin, Shantel Wislawski as Corinne, Tara Holt as Flashing Girl, Elizabeth Ann Koshak as Pedestrian, Tony Alameda as Disgruntled Fan, Jordan Braico as Student, Cheryl Cosenza as Gail, Sandy Fury as Office Co-Worker, Courtney Jones as Lesbian, Ian Reed Kesler as Hoon, Kelley Koski as Burlesque Dancer, Miriam McDonald, Julianna Milton as Kissing Bridesmaid #2, Asun Ortega as India, Carolina Penn as Aaron's 15yr crush, Justin Reed as New Orleans Police Officer, Alma Saraci as Marjorie, Conner Stevens as Student, Lisa Marie Summerscales as Bar Patron and Ciel Turich as Thirsty.

Plot summery: The series follows a group of friends living in Chicago. It involves a very close friendship between two of the friends, who are each looking for the perfect mate, and the others who question their relationship, but at the same time, have their own romantic problems to deal with.

Friends with Benefits video

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on Jan 17, 2011

Fairly Legal is a USA Network television series created by Michael Sardo and starring Sarah Shahi as Kate Reed, Michael Trucco as Justin Patrick, Baron Vaughn as Leonardo Prince, Virginia Williams as Lauren Reed, Tim Fellingham as Andrew and Richard Dean Anderson. The one-hour drama is set to premiere on January 20, 2011.

Plot summery: Once a lawyer at her family's firm, Kate Reed's (Sarah Shahi) frustration with the legal system led her to a new career as a mediator. Thanks to her understanding of human nature, thorough legal knowledge and wry sense of humor, she's a natural at resolving disputes ... except when it comes to her own. With the help of her assistant Leonardo (Baron Vaughn), Kate must balance the stress from her "wicked" stepmother Lauren (Virginia Williams) and soon-to-be-ex-husband Justin (Michael Trucco), with her unconventional life as a mediator.

Fairly Legal promo videos

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on Jan 16, 2011

Enlightened is an upcoming comedy TV series created by Mike White and stars Mikey Kelch as Cogentiva employee, Jason Mantzoukas as Omar, James McMann as Cogentiva employee, Timm Sharp as Dougie, Bayne Gibby as Connie, Elena Beuca as Krista's Friend, Michael Lawson as Harris, Michelle Ahern as Tina, Eileen Grubba, Tinashe Kajese as Receptionist, Leyna Weber as Damon's wife, Sarah Burns, Laura Dern, Charles Esten, Amy Hill, Diane Ladd and Luke Wilson. The first season, which is set to premiere in 2011 on HBO, will consist of 10 episodes.

Plot summery: Enlightened follows the story of Amy, a self-destructive executive, who, after a very public breakdown and a subsequent philosophical awakening in rehabilitation, tries to get her life back together.

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on Jan 15, 2011

Mao's Last Dancer is a biographical film, DVD and Blu-ray are set for release on March 29, 2011. The film is directed by Bruce Beresford, based on ballet dancer Li Cunxin's autobiography Mao's Last Dancer. The film stars Chi Cao as the adult Li Cunxin, Chengwu Guo as the teenage Li Cunxin, Huang Wen Bin as Li Cunxin as a boy, Joan Chen as Niang, his mother, Wang Shuang Bao as Dia, his father, Bruce Greenwood as Ben Stevenson, Amanda Schull as Elizabeth, Kyle Maclachlan as Charles Foster, Jack Thompson as Judge Woodrow Seals, Camilla Vergotis as Mary McKendry and Aden Young as Dilworth.

Movie synopsis: At the heart of Mao's Cultural Revolution, 11-year-old boy Li Cunxin, living in an impoverished mountain village, is selected to learn ballet at the Beijing Dance Academy. On a visit to China, American ballet director Ben Stevenson is impressed by Li's talent and offers him a three-month stay in the US as an exchange student at his ballet school, the Houston Ballet.
Quickly attracting the attention of the local ballet scene, Li, with Stevenson's encouragements, requests an extension to stay longer in America; however, the Chinese government refuses. Overwhelmed by the opportunities offered in America and being deeply in love with a fellow ballet student, Elizabeth Mackey, Li is determined to stay. He does not want to defect because of the problems that he would cause for his family in China and for Stevenson's relationship with the Chinese government. As a newly wed, he visits the Consulate-General of the People's Republic of China in Houston with his lawyer and Stevenson, to report his marriage to the Chinese government and to ask for permission to stay in the US. Despite having been told China respects international marriages by his lawyer, he is detained, only released after 21 hours and high-level negotiations in what has become an international incident. Finally, told he is free to stay in the US but not allowed to go back to China ever again, Li leaves the consulate in great distress.

Mao's Last Dancer Video

Unable to contact his family in China, Li worries constantly about their well-being and his marriage with Elizabeth fails. After five years, as a show of goodwill, the Chinese government allows Li's parents to visit him in America. They see his performance of the The Rite of Spring, at the end of which they reunite with him on stage. Three years later Li is granted permission to visit China, together with his new wife Mary McKendry (Camilla Vergotis), an Australian ballerina. In the village where he grew up, apart from meeting his parents again, he reunites with his brothers and a former teacher, Chan who has dreamed of seeing him dance. Li then gives an impromptu outdoor ballet performance with his wife to the village's uproarious cheer.

The releases will contain but one bonus feature, which is a Making Of featurette. The DVD will be available for the MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) of $22.98, while the Blu-ray will run at the MSRP of $29.99.

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Born to be Wild 3D is a documentary film directed by David Lickley and written by Drew Fellman. The film is set for release on April 08, 2011.

Plot: "Born to be Wild 3D" is an inspired story of love, dedication and the remarkable bond between humans and animals. This film documents orphanedorangutans and elephants and the extraordinary people who rescue and raise them--saving endangered species one life at a time. Stunningly captured in IMAX 3D, "Born to be Wild 3D" is a heartwarming adventure transporting moviegoers into the lush rainforests of Borneo with world-renowned primatologist Dr. Birute Galdikas, and across the rugged Kenyan savannah with celebrated elephant authority Dame Daphne Sheldrick, as they and their team rescue, rehabilitate and return these incredible animals back to the wild.

Born to be Wild 3D movie trailer

Born to be Wild 3D, poster, movie

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on Jan 14, 2011

I recently watched this movie. It was better than I expected, and was quite funny. Kristen Bell is adorable and Josh Duhamel is a blast and their chemistry together in the movie was entertaining. Beth (Kristen Bell) is a career woman with no time for a man in her life, as a busy art curator for a big museum in New York. She manages to sneak away for a brief moment to Rome however, for her sister's wedding. At this wedding, she meets the charming man, whom she isn't aware, is no doubt the one of her dreams. Duhamel plays the leading man, Nick.

Despite Nick's more than obvious immediate interest in Beth, she is oblivious to this and finds herself drunk and complaining that no-one will ever love her. She ends up at a majestic touristy water fountain in the streets of Rome, where she removes five coins from its watery temple. The second she does this, five guys immediately fall in love with her. Well four for sure, the other may have already been headed down that road on his own and besides - he threw a poker chip into the fountain rather than a coin, so does this really count? The fifth guy is of course, Nick. When Beth goes back home to New York, she is soon stalked by all five men, to include Nick, although he does so in a more subtle and somewhat charming fashion. The other four guys yearning for her attention are played by Danny DeVito, Dax Shepard, Jon Heder and Will Arnett.

DeVito plays a sweet famous sausage king; Shepard is a hilarious male model who is absolutely full of himself; Heder is a screw-ball magician who will bother you but make you grin; and Arnett plays a loony Italian artist. All of them grovel over her and naturally, she only has eyes for Nick, but of course can't let him onto that, because -well, the movie would be over, I guess.

Overall it was an enjoyable movie. It is one of those movies that you have to accept that it's not supposed to happen in real life. It's all about magic and falling in love with the right people. It does have funny enough parts to keep a guy entertained.

When In Rome, movie, poster

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The Kennedys is an upcoming eight-hour Television miniseries directed by Jon Cassar and was to be shown on History Television in Canada and on History in the U.S. in 2011. In January 2011 it was announced that the mini-series would not be shown on the American History channel and that a new American broadcaster is being sought.

Full cast: Jake Beale as Joseph Kennedy Jr., Kristin Booth as Ethel Kennedy, Rachel Wilson as Michelle, Angela Besharah as Ann Gargan, Serge Houde as Sam Giancana, Chris Diamantopoulos as Frank Sinatra, Kristin Adams as Cynthia, Greg Kinnear as Jack Kennedy, Barry Pepper as Bobby Kennedy, Katie Holmes as Jackie Kennedy, Tom Wilkinson as Joe Kennedy Sr., John Boylan as Cardinal Cushi and Kevin B Hartley as Secret Service Agent.

Plot: History Channel's first scripted series tells the story of the most fabled political family in American history, told in a manner similar to The Godfather: a manipulative, egocentric father determined to live out his own ambitions through his sons, who in turn spent their lives dancing to his tune while at the same time trying to stand on their own. This is history through personality - the tangled relationships through which paint a picture of one of the most turbulent periods of the modern age. Viewers will be upstairs at the White House, not in the Cabinet Room. Through iconic events in history - the Bay of Pigs, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the civil rights struggle, the mob connection - viewers will learn about the lesser known, yet critical personal stories.

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Terra Nova is an upcoming sci-fi drama television series created by Kelly Marcel and Craig Silverstein that will air on Fox in 2011 as a fall series. The film stars Jason O'Mara as Jim Shannon, Stephen Lang as Commander Frank Taylor, Shelley Conn as Elisabeth Shannon, Landon Liboiron as Josh Shannon, Naomi Scott as Maddy Shannon, Allison Miller as Skye, Mido Hamada as Guzman, Alana Mansour as Zoe Shannon and Christine Adams as Mira.

Plot: The show is set in the year 2149 when all life on the planet Earth is being threatened with extinction. Scientists have opened a door allowing people to travel back to prehistoric times. The Shannon family (father Jim, his wife Elisabeth, and their three children Josh, Maddy and Zoe) join the tenth pilgrimage of settlers to Terra Nova, the first human colony on the other side of the temporal doorway. However, they did not realize that they placed it in the middle of a group of carnivores.

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on Jan 13, 2011
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The Last Mountain is a documentary film directed by Bill Haney. The film is set for release on January 21, 2011.

Plot: In the valleys of Appalachia, a battle is being fought over a mountain, the consequences of which affect every American; it's a battle that has taken innocent lives and threatens to take more. It is a battle over protecting our health and environment from the destructive power of Big Coal. Mining and burning coal is at the epicenter of America's struggle to balance its energy needs with environmental and health concerns. Nowhere is that concern greater than in Coal River Valley, West Virginia, where a small but passionate group of ordinary citizens are trying to stop Big Coal corporations, like Massey Energy, from continuing the devastating practice of Mountain Top Removal. David, himself, never faced a Goliath like Big Coal. The group argues that Mountain Top Removal-using dynamite to blast off a mountain's surface-pollutes the air and water implicit in their neighbors' deaths, eliminates traditional mining jobs and spreads pollution to other states. Despite support for their claims, Big Coal repeats Mountain Top Removal daily, amassing huge profits that allow their Washington lobbyists to wield influence in both political parties, rewrite environmental laws and avoid violations. The desire to stop Mountain Top Removal comes from a belief that we share responsibility for protecting the air and water; its what drives the group and their supporters from outside of Appalachia, like Robert Kennedy, Jr., to keep fighting. Honoring ordinary Americans fighting for what they believe in, THE LAST MOUNTAIN shines a light on our energy needs and how those needs are being met. Their fight is for a future that affects us all.

The Last Mountain trailer

The Last Mountain, movie, poster

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A.I. Artificial Intelligence is a 2001 sci fi film, dvd and Blu-ray are set for release on April 12, 2011. The film is directed, produced and co-written by Steven Spielberg based on Brian Aldiss' short story "Super-Toys Last All Summer Long", the film stars Haley Joel Osment, Frances O'Connor, Jude Law, Sam Robards, Jake Thomas and William Hurt.

Plot: Global warming has led to ecological disasters all over the world, and a drastic reduction of the human population. Humanity's best efforts to maintain civilization have led to the creation of new robots known as mechas, advanced humanoid robots capable of emulating thoughts and emotions. David (Haley Joel Osment), an advanced prototype model created by Cybertronics, is designed to resemble a human child and to virtually feel love for its human owners. They test their creation on one of their employees, Henry Swinton (Sam Robards), and his wife Monica (Frances O'Connor). The Swintons have a son, Martin (Jake Thomas), who has been placed in suspended animation until a cure can be found for his rare disease. Although Monica is initially frightened of David, she eventually warms to him after activating his imprinting protocol, which irreversibly causes David to feel love for her as a child loves a parent. As he continues to live with the Swintons, David is befriended by Teddy (Jack Angel), a robotic teddy bear, who takes upon himself the responsibility of David's well being.

A.I. Artificial Intelligence movie trailer

Martin is suddenly cured and brought home; a sibling rivalry ensues between Martin and David. This includes Martin telling David to cut off a lock of Monica's hair in the middle of the night, and that Monica will surely love him then. When David does this, Monica and Henry wake up and are very upset. At a pool party on Martin's birthday, one of Martin's friends activates David's self-protection programming by stinging him with the point of a knife. David clings to Martin, after which both of them fall into the swimming pool, with David sinking to the bottom while still holding Martin in his arms. Martin is saved from drowning, but Henry in particular is shocked by David's actions. Henry convinces Monica to return David to Cybertronics, where David will then be destroyed. On the way however, Monica decides to abandon David in the forest (alongside Teddy) to live as an unregistered mecha so that he will not be destroyed. David is captured for an anti-mecha Flesh Fair, an event where useless mechas are destroyed before cheering crowds. David is nearly killed, but the crowd is swayed by his realistic nature (David, unlike other mechas, pleads for his life) and he escapes, along with Gigolo Joe (Jude Law), a male prostitute mecha on the run after being framed for murder.

The two set out to find the Blue Fairy, who David remembers from the story The Adventures of Pinocchio. He is convinced that the Blue Fairy will transform him into a human boy, so Monica will love him and take him back. Joe and David make their way to the decadent metropolis of Rouge City. Information from a holographic volumetric display answer engine called "Dr. Know" (Robin Williams) eventually leads them to the top of the Rockefeller Center in the flooded ruins of Manhattan, using a flying submersible vehicle called an amphibicopter they stole from police, still hot on Joe's tail. David meets his human creator, Professor Hobby (William Hurt), who excitedly tells David that finding him was a test, which has demonstrated the reality of his love and desire. It also becomes clear that many exemplars of David are already being manufactured, as well as girl versions, causing David to realize that he is not unique. A disheartened David attempts to commit suicide by falling from a ledge into the ocean, but Joe rescues him with the amphibicopter. David tells Joe he saw the Blue Fairy underwater, and wants to go down to her. At that moment, Joe is captured by the authorities with the use of an electromagnet. David and Teddy take the amphibicopter to the fairy, which turns out to be a statue from a submerged attraction at Coney Island. Teddy and David become trapped when the Wonder Wheel falls on their vehicle. Believing the Blue Fairy to be real, David asks to be turned into a real boy, repeating his wish without end, until the ocean freezes.

2000 years later, Manhattan is buried under several hundred feet of glacial ice, and humans are extinct. Mechas have evolved into a highly advanced alien-looking humanoid form. They find David and Teddy, the only two functional mechas who knew living humans. David is revived and he walks to the frozen stiff Blue Fairy statue, which cracks and collapses as he touches it. Using David's memories, the alien-looking humanoid mechas reconstruct the Swinton home, and explain to David via a mecha of the Blue Fairy (Meryl Streep) that he cannot become human. However, they recreate Monica from the lock of her hair which has been saved by Teddy, but she will live for only a single day and the process cannot be repeated. David spends the happiest day of his life with Monica and Teddy, and Monica tells David that she loves him and has always loved him as she drifts to sleep for her final time. David lies down next to her, closes his eyes and goes "to that place where dreams are born".

DVD / Blu-rayBonus materials:

- Creating A.I.

- Acting A.I.

- Designing A.I.

- Lighting A.I.

- A.I./FX

- The Robots of A.I.

- Special Visual Effects and Animation: ILM

- The Sound and Music of A.I.

- Closing: Steven Spielberg: Our Responsibility to Artificial Intelligence

- 2 Theatrical Trailers HD

- A.I. Archives

A.I. Artificial Intelligence, DVD, Blu-ray, movie

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Vidal Sassoon is a documentary film directed and the screenplay is written by Craig Teper. The film is set for release in February 2011.

Plot: Vidal Sassoon is more than just a hairdresser-he's a rock star, an artist, a craftsman who "changed the world with a pair of scissors." With the geometric, Bauhaus-inspired hairdos he pioneered in the 1960s and his "wash and wear" philosophy that liberated generations of women from the tyranny of the salon, Sassoon revolutionized the art of hairstyling and left an indelible mark on popular culture. This documentary traces with visual gusto the life of a self-made man whose passion and perseverance took him from a Jewish orphanage in London to the absolute pinnacle of his craft.

Vidal Sassoon trailer

Vidal Sassoon, movie, poster

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on Jan 12, 2011

Tornado Alley is a documentary film directed by Sean Casey. The film is set for release on March 18, 2011.

Plot: Join Storm Chasers star Sean Casey and the researchers of VORTEX 2, the most ambitious effort ever made to understand the origins and evolution of tornadoes, on this heart-pounding science adventure. Armed with a 70mm camera, a fleet of customized vehicles designed to withstand gale force winds, torrential rains and unrelenting hail, and an arsenal of the most advanced weather measurement instruments ever created, the stars of Tornado Alley take audiences on a thrilling quest to experience a tornado’s destructive power at point blank range. Experience the adrenaline and the science of nature’s most dramatic phenomena!

Traversing the “severe weather capital of the world,” Tornado Alley documents two unprecedented missions seeking to encounter one of Earth’s most awe-inspiring events—the birth of a tornado. Filmmaker Sean Casey’s personal quest to capture the birth of a tornado with a 70mm camera takes viewers on a breathtaking journey into the heart of the storm. A team of equally driven scientists, the VORTEX2 researchers, experience the relentless strength of nature’s elemental forces as they literally surround tornadoes and the supercell storms that form them, gathering the most comprehensive severe weather data ever collected. This science adventure reveals the beauty and the power of some of our planet’s most extreme—and least understood—weather phenomena.

Tornado Alley trailer

Tornado Alley, movie, poster

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Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior is an upcoming police procedural drama that has been ordered to series by CBS. The film is created by Chris Mundy and Edward Allen Bernero. The series is scheduled to premiere on February 16, 2011, in the Wednesdays at 10pm time slot following out of the original Criminal Minds; this will be the second time a spin-off has followed its parent series, after NCIS with NCIS: Los Angeles. The film stars Jack Valan as Martial Artist, Janeane Garofalo as Beth Griffith, Beau Garrett as Gina LaSalle, Michael Kelly as Jonathan, Matt Ryan as Mick Rawson, Kirsten Vangsness as Penelope Garcia, Forest Whitaker as Special Agent Sam Cooper and Jerald Garner as Chicago Policeman.

Plot: It revolves around an elite team of special agents who work in the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit. Forest Whitaker portrays Unit Chief Sam Cooper, a long-time agent, who left the FBI for a mysterious eight-year period, but returned to head a team of renegade… More profilers that operates as far out of the bureaucracy as possible. Beau Garrett portrays SSA Gina LaSalle, an agent straight out of the FBI Academy. Matt Ryan is SSA Mick Rawson, an ex-British Special Forces soldier, and Michael Kelly is SSA John "Prophet" Sims, who spent six years in jail. Janeane Garofalo, as Beth Griffith, from the FBI Threat Assessment Task Force, is the newest member. Kirsten Vangsness as Penelope Garcia brings her computer wizardry to the team.

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Profondo Rosso is a 1975 horror film, dvd and Blu-ray are set for release on April 26, 2011. The film is directed and written by Dario Argento and stars: David Hemmings as Marcus Daly, Daria Nicolodi as Gianna Brezzi, Gabriele Lavia as Carlo, Macha Méril as Helga Ulmann, Eros Pagni as Supt. Calcabrini, Giuliana Calandra as Amanda Righetti, Piero Mazzinghi as Bardi, Glauco Mauri as Prof. Giordani, Clara Calamai as Martha, Aldo Bonamano as Carlo's father, Liana Del Balzo as Elvira, Vittorio Fanfoni as Cop taking notes, Dante Fioretti as Police photographer, Geraldine Hooper as Massimo Ricci, Jacopo Mariani as Young Carlo (as Iacopo Mariani) and Nicoletta Elmi as Olga.

Plot: Profondo Rosso follows music teacher Marcus Daly (Hemmings) as he investigates the violent murder of psychic medium Helga Ulmann (Macha Meril), which he witnesses in an apartment building. Other major characters are introduced early, including Daly’s gay friend Carlo (Gabriele Lavia), Ulmann’s associate Dr. Giordani (Glauco Mauri) and reporter Gianna Brezzi (Daria Nicolodi), with whom Daly begins an affair.

After his attempt to rescue the medium fails, Daly realises he could have seen the killer’s face among a group of portraits on the wall of the victim’s apartment but is unable to find or recognize it when the police arrive. Later in the film, he also initially overlooks another clue that causes him to discover a mouldering corpse walled up in a derelict house. In typical Argento fashion, one murder leads to a series of others as Daly’s obsession with this vital clue that he fails to understand endangers his life and that of everyone with whom he comes into contact.

Deep Red movie trailer

The killing of Helga Ulmann is prefaced by a child’s doggerel tune, the same music that accompanies the film’s opening sequence in which two shadowy figures struggle until one of them is stabbed to death. The music serves as the murderer’s calling card. When Daly hears it in his own apartment soon after becoming involved in the case he is able to foil his attacker. Later, he plays the tune to Giordani, a psychiatrist, who theorizes that the music is important because it probably played an integral part in a traumatic event in the killer's past. The doctor’s theory is of course correct, as the identity of the killer is finally revealed as Carlo’s insane mother Martha (Clara Calamai). When Carlo was still a child, he watched as she murdered her husband when he tried to have her committed to a mental hospital, then entomb his body in a room of their house. Daly’s discovery of the corpse is one of the film’s most dramatic moments.

In the climax, Martha confronts Marcus and tries to kill him. Wielding a butchering knife, Martha chases him around the complex and into a room with an elevator. Marcus is stabbed in the shoulder by the knife, and kicks Martha toward the elevator shaft. A long necklace she wears catches in the bars of the shaft, and she is decapitated when Daly summons the lift. The film ends with Daly staring into the resultant pool of blood.

Bonus materials:

•Interviews with Co-Writer/Director Dario Argento, Co-Writer Bernardino Zapponi and Goblin (Claudio Simonetti, Massimo Morante, Fabio Pignatelli & Agostino Marangolo)

•U.S. Trailer

•Italian Trailer

•Goblin Music Video – "Profondo Rosso" (2010)

•Daemonia Music Video – "Profondo Rosso" (Directed by Sergio Stivaletti)

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on Jan 11, 2011

The Chicago Code is an upcoming TV series created by Shawn Ryan that is scheduled to premiere on February 7, 2011 on Fox. The one-hour police drama is expected to air as a midseason replacement. The film stars Jason Clarke as Jarek Wysocki, Devin Kelley as Vonda Wysocki, Jennifer Beals as Teresa Colvin, Matt Lauria as Caleb Evers, Todd Williams as Isaac Joiner, Billy Lush as Liam Hennessey, Delroy Lindo as Alderman Ronin Gibbons and Patrick Gough as Will Gainey.

Plot: The city of Chicago is a paradox that serves as the setting for Shawn Ryan's new drama, THE CHICAGO CODE. In this series, the audience is the passenger, taking an unpredictable ride through the streets of Chicago and navigating crime and corruption with the most respected - and notorious - cops in the city.

Jarek Wysocki (Jason Clarke) is a local legend and larger-than-life veteran of the Chicago Police Department. Like the city of Chicago, Jarek is razor blades and brass knuckles wrapped in politeness and egoless charm - a man who throws away partners the way others throw away tissues. TERESA COLVIN (Jennifer Beals) arrived at the pinnacle of the Chicago Police Department in a short period of time. She's determined to implement changes before the mud that is Chicago politics clogs her office. As a result of Teresa's difficult choices, she has made some powerful enemies along the way, including two street gangs, the police officers' union and a city alderman who proves to be a dangerous adversary.

The Chicago Code video

Jarek's new partner, CALEB EVERS (Matt Lauria), is a smart young detective who desperately wants to prove himself. He is savvier and more observant than most people give him credit for, and just might make the perfect yin to Jarek's yang. Also in Jarek's charge is his niece, VONDA WYSOCKI (Devin Kelley), a rookie beat cop whose father, Jarek's brother, was killed in the line of duty when she was young. Jarek keeps close tabs on her and is less than thrilled to discover she's falling for her partner, ISAAC JOINER (Todd Williams), a charismatic cop who takes unnecessary risks on the job that land him and Vonda in some dangerous situations.

Alderman Ronin Gibbons (Delroy Lindo) is a building-magnate-turned-politician who has ruled his ward with a velvet glove for three decades. Jarek and Teresa are convinced Gibbons and his cohorts - including LIAM HENNESSEY (Billy Lush), an Irish tough guy in Gibbons' construction empire - are dirty to the core, but they've never had the evidence to prove it. When a murder investigation leads them to Gibbons, they are determined to bring him to justice and clean up Chicago - if that's even possible.

The Chicago Code is a production of 20th Century Fox Television and MiddKid Productions. The series is written by Shawn Ryan, and is executive-produced by Ryan, Tim Minear and Charles McDougall. McDougall directed the pilot episode.

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on Jan 10, 2011
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Carbon Nation is a documentary film directed by Peter Byck and stars Rohit J. Aggarwala, Jerry M. Allums, Lela Allums, Peter Barnes, Richard Branson, George Bravo, Lester R. Brown, Sean Casten, Ralph Cavanagh, Col. Jim Chevallier, Roger Duncan, Michael Dunham, Cliff Etheredge, David Etheredge and Bob Fox.

Plot: Carbon Nation is an optimistic, solutions-based, non-partisan documentary that illustrates why it's incredibly smart to be a part of the new, low-carbon economy: it's good business, it emboldens national and energy security, and it improves health and the environment. Through a cast of engaging and endearing characters from across the country, in towns big and small, Carbon Nation introduces us to the new wave of American ingenuity. From one-armed Texas cotton farmer Cliff Etheridge, who is banding together small farmers' land to create one enormous wind farm, to green jobs innovator Van Jones, who is bringing clean technology and jobs to inner cities, it's clear that the creative solutions needed to combat climate change are already being created by entrepreneurs, visionaries, scientists, and the everyday man. By bringing their innovations to light, Carbon Nation is a film that celebrates solutions and inspires action.

Carbon Nation Trailer

Carbon Nation, movie, poster

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on Jan 9, 2011

The Last Lions is a documentary film directed by Dereck Joubert and stars Jeremy Irons. The film is set for release on February 18, 2011.

Plot: Fifty years ago there were close to half-a-million lions in Africa. Today there are around 20,000. In Botswana's Okavango Delta, an ostracized lioness and her two cubs must fight alone to survive - overcoming all manner of hazard, from the raging wildfires on the Delta, to the jealousy of sister lionesses, to the marauding males who kill her mate, to the prey that becomes predator. Their only defense is to escape to Duba Island -- and with that, an unknown future. The setting for this epic tale is one of the last regions where lions can live in the wild. Faced with dwindling land and increasing pressure from hunting, lions - like our lone lioness and her cubs - are approaching the brink of extinction.

The Last Lions movie trailer

The Last Lions, movie, poster

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A Somewhat Gentle Man is an upcoming comedy film, set for release on January 14, 2011. The screenplay is written by Kim Fupz Aakeson and directed by Hans Petter Moland, and stars Stellan Skarsgård , Bjørn Floberg , Gard B. Eidsvold , Jorunn Kjellsby, Jannike Kruse and Aksel Hennie.

Movie synopsis: Ulrik (Stellan Skarsgard) is a somewhat gentle man, as far as gangsters go. Reluctantly back on the streets following a stint in prison, Ulrik's boss greets him with open arms and a plan to settle an old score. With a demented sense of professional pride, Ulrik's boss sets in motion a plan to right the wrong done to his star employee. The problem is Ulrik would rather go about his own business, however mundane, than get involved with his ragtag colleagues again. This dark feel good comedy delivers laughs and gasps in equal measure.

A Somewhat Gentle Man movie trailer

A Somewhat Gentle Man, movie, poster

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Dressed is an upcoming documentary film directed by David Swajeski and stars Amanda Fields. The film is set for release on February 04, 2011. It is the inspiring story of self-taught clothing designer Nary Manivong. Homeless at 14, Nary pursues his dream of showing his collection at New York's Fashion Week. Nary's story shows the strength of the human spirit as he navigates through one of the toughest businesses to achieve his goal the one joy that brings him hope in the face of hardship. The film features commentary from industry experts, celebrities and fashion press, who discuss what it's really like to make it in the world of fashion.

Dressed trailer

Dressed,Documentary, Film

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on Jan 8, 2011

Twentieth Century will release Star Wars in three distinct sets to meet the needs of every Star Wars fan:

Star Wars: The Complete Saga on Blu-ray (9-disc Set includes all six films)

Star Wars: Prequel Blu-ray Trilogy (3-disc set includes Episodes I-III)

Star Wars: Original Blu-ray Trilogy (3-disc set includes Episodes IV-VI)

STAR WARS: THE COMPLETE SAGA ON BLU-RAY will feature all six live-action Star Wars feature films utilizing the highest possible picture and audio presentation, along with three additional discs and more than 30 hours of extensive special features including never-before-seen deleted and alternate scenes, an exploration of the exclusive Star Wars archives, and much more.

Star Wars: The Complete Saga Blu-ray Trailer

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The Mad Men: Season Four is headed to both DVD and Blu-ray on March 29, 2011. The releases will contain bonus materials and extra features, and the DVD will be available for the MSRP of $29.99, while the Blu-ray will run at the MSRP of $39.98, and will feature the following bonus materials:

- Divorce: Circa 1960's
- Marketing The Mustang: An American Classic
- How To Succeed In Business Draper Style
- 1964 Presidential Campaign
- Audio Commentaries on all 13 episodes

Mad Men: Season Four is definitely one that will keep you at the edge of your seat. The show continues to address many of the difficult issues of the 1960's in a very sensitive and smart way. The two that are addressed most prominently are smoking and racism. Smoking is addressed and dealt with in terms of the account management at the agency. I won't spoil the episodes but suffice it to say there is a good episode where they are forced to determine what sort of clients they represent moving forward. In terms of racism, this is addressed throughout but most prominently towards the end by Betty and her housekeeper of many years.

The new firm goes through many ups and downs in this season. They celebrate some successes together and definitely many failures--some of which take them right to edge of the cliff. To see if they fall over it, you'll have to watch the season and find out. Also a huge surprise with Don at the end you won't want to miss.

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on Jan 7, 2011

Franklin & Bash is a comedy drama TV series created by Kevin Falls and Bill Chais, which will air on TNT. The series stars Claire Coffee as Janie Ross, Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Steven Bash, Breckin Meyer as Jared Franklin, Ally Maki as Tania, Ciel Turich as Event Photographer, Norma Houser as Gallery Member, Kaye Marie Talise as Stirred Magazine Model, Bridget Nichols as Financial Investor and John Fitzgerald Page as Gallery member.

Plot: Two young, fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants street lawyers cause a seismic culture clash when they join a legendary, button-down law firm. Breckin Meyer is Jared Franklin, who loves sticking it to authority every chance he gets, while Mark-Paul Gosselaar plays Peter Bash, who has a knack for connecting with jury and judge.

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Chaos is an upcoming TV series created by Tom Spezialy for the CBS network. The series is set to premiere on April 1, 2011, replacing The Defenders. The film stars Eric Close as Michael Dorset, Christina Cole as Adele Ferrer, Carmen Ejogo as Fay Carson, James Murray as Billy Collins,Tim Blake Nelson as Casey Malick, Freddy Rodriguez as Rick Martinez and Kurtwood Smith as H.J. Higgins.

Plot: Chaos is a comedic drama about a group of rogue CIA spies in the Clandestine Administration and Oversight Services (CHAOS), who combat threats to national security amidst bureaucratic gridlock, rampant incompetence and political infighting. The team tackles high risk foreign intelligence missions using manipulation, deception and wit to succeed. Rick Martinez was dismayed when his dream job as a spy was eliminated on his first day. However, CIA Deputy Director H.J. Higgins, a calculating mastermind and the head of CHAOS, recognizes Rick's unique skill set and places him as an unwitting mole inside the department. Martinez joins the team under Michael Dorset, a psychologist turned CIA operative and a tactical genius motivated by pure paranoia. Working with Martinez is Scottish-born Billy Collins, de-commissioned from the British Secret Service and deported from the United Kingdom; Casey Malick, a 12 year veteran of the agency with an understated demeanor and the ability to transform into a "human weapon." While Martinez's instincts on who he can trust are constantly tested, he may have a worthy confidant in the new Deputy Director, Adele Ferrer, who seems to have his best interests at heart. Or should he rely on officer Fay Carson, an alluring agent and an expert at deciphering people's "tells?" Attacking each assignment with unparalleled confidence and gusto, these operatives perform covert operations, exert political influence and eradicate all manner of evil - and that's just to survive the morning staff meeting.

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on Jan 6, 2011
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Falling Skies is an upcoming Sci Fi TV Series created by Robert Rodat for TNT, and will start broadcasting in June 2011. The first season will feature ten episodes. The show is produced by DreamWorks Television, with Steven Spielberg acting as executive producer. The film stars Noah Wyle as Tom Mason, Moon Bloodgood as Anne Glass, Will Patton as Weaver, Dale Dye as Col. Porter, Drew Roy as Hal, Maxim Knight as Matt, Connor Jessup as Ben, Seychelle Gabriel as Lourdes, Colin Cunningham as John Pope, Sarah Carter as Margaret.

Plot: Falling Skies opens in the chaotic aftermath of an alien attack that has left most of the world completely incapacitated. In the six months since the initial invasion, the few survivors have banded together outside major cities to begin the difficult task of fighting back. Each day is a test of survival as citizen soldiers work to protect the people in their care while also engaging in an insurgency campaign against the occupying alien force.

At the center of the series is Tom Mason (Noah Wyle), a Boston history professor whose family has been torn apart. His wife was killed in the initial attack, and one of his three sons has been captured. Determined to get his son back and to ensure the safety of his other two sons, Tom must put his extensive knowledge of military history to the test as one of the leaders of the resistance movement known as the 2nd Mass, because of their location in Boston, Mass. They are constantly trying to gain intelligence about the aliens in order to one day outsmart and overtake them and hopefully rebuild their lives.

Moon Bloodgood (Terminator Salvation) co-stars as Anne Glass, a pediatrician who works with the surviving children to help them cope with the traumatic upheaval in their lives. Will Patton (Armageddon, TNT's Into the West) plays a fierce leader of the resistance, Weaver. The series also stars Drew Roy (Secretariat) as Hal, Tom's oldest son and a growing fighter in the resistance movement; Maxim Knight (Brothers & Sisters) as Matt, Tom's youngest son; Connor Jessup (The Saddle Club) as Ben, Tom's son who was captured by aliens; and Seychelle Gabriel (Weeds) as Lourdes, an orphaned teenager who helps Anne in the group's makeshift medical clinic. Colin Cunningham (Living in Your Car) is John Pope, the leader of an outlaw motorcycle gang and Sarah Carter (Shark) is Margaret, a wary survivor of Pope's gang.

Falling Skies video

Falling Skies focuses on the resilience of the survivors and their determination to maintain their humanity when all else has been destroyed. It is a tale of endurance, commitment and courage in which everyday people are called upon to become heroes. They may be outmatched, outnumbered and outgunned, but nothing can beat the human spirit. Most of all, the series is about the ties that bind people together in the most difficult of circumstances.

The aliens in the series are mighty, mysterious and merciless. They are highly intelligent and use military-like tactics, which makes them an overwhelming force against the 2nd Mass. There are two types of aliens that the human survivors have named Skitters and Mechs. Combining live action and special visual effects, the Skitters have spider-like bodies and incredible strength and agility. The deadly, robotic Mechs stand upright and can shoot bullets from their arms. The aliens control captured children, like Tom's son Ben, through bio-mechanical harnesses but have yet to reveal their ultimate plan for them.

Falling Skies, tv, screen, photo

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on Jan 5, 2011

WWE Tough Enough is a wrestling reality TV show produced by (WWE) wherein participants underwent professional wrestling training and competed for a contract with WWE. In October 2010, it was announced that the USA Network will be reviving Tough Enough. It will premiere at 11/10c the day after WrestleMania XXVII and immediately following USA's ratings juggernaut RAW. It will then move to its regularly scheduled slot, Mondays at 8/7c, starting on April 11th. As of 2010, the only Tough Enough winner still wrestling for WWE is John Hennigan. He is currently wrestling as John Morrison on the Raw brand. Hennigan and Tough Enough I winner Maven Huffman are the only two Tough Enough winners to win championships in the WWE, with Hennigan winning both the ECW Championship and WWE Intercontinental Championship and Huffman winning the WWE Hardcore Championship. Christopher Nowinski, who didn't win Tough Enough, also held the WWE Hardcore Championship. Mike Mizanin, who came in second place in the $1,000,000 Tough Enough and is better known as The Miz, has won the United States Championship on two occasions and the WWE Championship once. Together, John Morrison and The Miz also would become WWE Tag Team Champions, World Tag Team Champions, and two-time Slammy Award winners. Josh Lomberger, better known as Josh Mathews, is currently the longest tenured WWE employee from the entire Tough Enough cast, eventually signing with WWE in 2002 and becoming an announcer and interviewer on a variety of WWE shows, including Raw, SmackDown, NXT and now defunct ECW.

Maven Huffman and Nidia Guenard won the first season of Tough Enough. Only two contestants were actually cut from the competition, the others who were eliminated voluntarily exited. Of the final five contestants, four would eventually join the Federation. Nidia was released from WWE on November 3, 2004, while Maven was released on July 5, 2005.

Though they both survived the initial cut from 230 contestants down to 25, eventual season two winner Jackie Gayda and former TNA Women's Knockout Champion ODB (Jessica Kresa) were not selected among the final 13 contestants that appeared in season one. Current WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts sent in an audition tape, which aired in a season one teaser on the January 25, 2001 edition of WWE SmackDown.

John Morrison Tryout For WWE Tough Enough

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on Jan 4, 2011
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